SkyRun Software

Why buy just one of the three parts of software that you'll need?  SkyRun is the only company that offers a complete and integrated property management system with optional fully integrated CRM (customer relationship management) and PBX (phone system) systems that can be added.

SkyRun uses what we sell.  All of our systems have been proven at our own Property Management Locations and our SkyRun call center in Colorado which supports more than 250 properties.

Not that long ago, 'all' it took was a good website to get 10 reservations for every 1 phone call... Today's competitive reality is that it can take 10 phone calls to get 1 reservation with guests wanting to deal and spending more time shopping before selecting a property.  That can mean 100x more work to get each reservation... but it doesn't have to.  By integrating your phone system (PBX) with a customer relationship tracking system (CRM) and integrate both with your Property Management System (PMS), you can get best of breed results for your homeowner clients (and your bottom line).


A Full Customer Relationship Management System to store every email, chat and phone call interaction you have with your guests and prospects. State of the art scalable website and web-based open backoffice system. 

Most vendors stop here...
An internet phone system designed from the ground up for the unique needs of the vacation rental industry.
  • Automatically turn incoming emails AND phone calls AND online chats into customer leads that can be tracked and followed up on.
  • Setup email templates for fast responding.
  • Every time the same customer calls, emails or chats back, the record is automatically updated.
  • Outgoing calls and emails that you make are also stored, so that you have one place to go to see every interaction with every lead you ever get and every guest you get year after year...
  • Click on a phone number... and the SkyCall system calls the number for you and logs it into SkyConnect.
  • Incoming Call?  SkyConnect looks up the customer information and 'screen pops' it onto your web browser so you can see all of the details.  Is it a current guest that's arriving today?  a prospect that has called before and we're waiting for a call-back?  did we really offer them 10% over chat?  You'll know before you pick up the phone.
  • Perfect if more than one person works your leads (you can't do it 7 days/wk all by yourself can you?). If one person handled a guest email, offering a price, someone else can handle a call from that guest and have all of the information about what was offered and quoted to the guest at their fingertips.
  • Sophisticated management reports and graphs show how many customer interactions it takes to close a sale, how long from first contact to close and what marketing channels get the most reservations for you.

    ...and much more

... if they get this far...

  • All of the standard features like owner accounting and reservation tracking of course all hosted and maintained on our SkyRun server...
  • SkyTrax Website features web 2.0 features like sliding advance property search, ajax site-wide search and pricing that changes as you change your dates, even on search result pages.  hover over any price and see the details.
  • SEO-friendly features like seo-friendly urls, changing titles and google sitemaps.
  • Uses an open source content management system so you can maintain your own content and have access to thousands of add-on modules, mostly free.
  • Integrates Seemlessly with VRBO, Homeaway and FlipKey/Tripadvisor.
    • Automatically updates your calenders all of these popular sites saving you and your guests time.
    • Automatically responds to VRBO email requests, emailing the guest back with pricing and availability for the requested dates, or other similar properties if the one they inquired about is booked!
    • Captures all prospect information in the CRM for prompt followup, tracking and email campaigns.
    • Automatically sends Flipkey/Tripadvisor a list of your guests each week so that they are surveyed.
  • Supports advanced features like:
    • Putting multiple properties on one reservation.  Track groups as one reservation.
    • Put multiple guests on one reservation.  Record multiple emails and phone numbers for security and marketing and guest convenience.
    • Full and sophisticated support for lockouts where one property can be rented as two 1br's or one 2br.  This would show up as 3 distinct rentable properties on SkyTrax.
  • Full email and statement templating system to give you complete control over all of your guest correspondence for each property specifically.
  • Include graphs like rental history by month, occupancy, rate/nt trends on your owner statement.
  • Full owner portal where owners can view past statements and summary graphs and charts.
  • Integrated google maps for every property and local attractions were you place the pointer to the property yourself on a map.
  • Full graphical dashboard shows you all the information you need about what properties are booking and which properties need help.  Know before the owner calls you!

    ...and much more

    *note that some listed features are in V2.0 coming April 2012.
  • Like having your own private Skype or Vonage system for as many phones as you want.
  • Professional IVR menus get guests where they need to be while protecting your off-hours.
  • Use Voice Recognition to make it easier and safer for guests calling hands-free from their car.
  • Forwards guest calls to any phone number or cell number.  Can forward to multiple numbers simultaneously (first to pick up gets it) or one at a time (if your oncall person doen't pickup, can ring your cell, then your home number for example).
  • Call anywhere in the US for just 1.9c/min, lowering your long distance phone costs. 
  • Toll free and 'vanity' numbers available.  Select your own.
  • Have as many phone numbers as you want, in any area code you want!  Use different numbers for different lead sources (VRBO, ad campaigns, etc) to track the effectiveness of your campaigns or to have a local number in a big market.
  • Ability to set hotel-style wakeup calls for your guests!!!
  • Housekeepers or staff can call in and in seconds type the room number and status (1=cleaned, 2=inspected, 3=dirty, etc) and even record maintenance needs so that they are not forgotten and you always know the status of every room.  No more calling back and forth every room clean on busy days.
  • Looks up number in system and 'screen pops' guest or prospect information on the screen automatically, so that you are ready to assist the guest.
  • Customize greetings and menus!  So if a guest calls in that is arriving today, you can say 'i see that you are arriving today, can i provide your directions or connect you with our front desk? or if they are departing, 'i see that you are leaving us today, can i arrange a late checkout for you?' the possibilities are endless.
  • You can even provide phones for your property owners as an alternative to them having their own phone.  You make money and have an exclusive to offer your owner, and the owner saves money.

    ...and much more