Mind The Gap

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Looking for a vacation at a great price? Is your schedule flexible? Well, we have vacation rentals to fill during specific dates at amazing rates! Mind the Gap is the SkyRun version of priceline.com where you can get the last minute deals to help us fill unrented nights between any 2 other reservations. 

How It Works:

  • gap_illustrationOn the pages below for each location, you will find a list of vacation rentals which have 2-6 day gaps between the departure and arrival of other current guests.
  • Fill these gaps by arriving and departing EXACTLY within the gap listed in 'Terms & Conditions' and you will get 10-35% off depending on how far in advance you make your reservation.
  • Browse through the list of 'SkyRun Location's Gaps' listed below and pick one of these gaps by clicking 'BOOK HERE' from the SkyRun location's webpage, and you'll get a big discount! Book the pages from your favorite resort!

Terms & Conditions

When you rent 15-30 days prior to the arrival date, you get 10% to 20% off. When you rent just 1-14 days prior to the arrival date, you get 20% to 35% off. This offer is only available online on select properties. Deals do vary by location, please check your location's Mind the Gap web deals listed below for exact discounts. 

SkyRun Location's Gaps