Frequently Asked Questions
How Much of an Investment Do I Need to Make?

Between your territory and marketing, you will need to make an investment of around $100,000.

How Do I Start a Vacation Rental Business with SkyRun?

The first step is choosing a destination to purchase. From there, we empower you to build your vacation rental business with our training, ongoing consultation, and full-service software and tools. Read our page to learn more about the process.

What Is Training like and What Does It Include?

We’re proud to stake the claim that we have THE best vacation rental managerial training and support system out there. Our training consists of three thorough modules, with each module lasting a few days. You have the option of visiting us in Colorado or participating 100% remotely. Please contact us if you would like more details about the training modules.

What's the Difference Between Franchising with SkyRun and Doing All of This on My Own?

The main difference is that we have a proven business model you can follow within a relatively short timeframe, versus spending much more individual time, resources, and money doing it on your own. Read more.

Are There Any Specific Requirements to Become a Franchisee?

Yes. We require a few different things:

- You are an entrepreneur at heart

- You live in or within 1 hour of your destination

- You are looking for executive-level income

- You have at least 10 years of business experience

- You want to dedicate a full-time schedule toward operating your SkyRun or be willing to hire a GM to support executive ownership

- You reject the status quo, want to depart from corporate America, and be in a lifestyle business

How Long Will It Take for Me to Get up and Running?

New destination owners can be ready to hit the ground running in as little as 60 days.

What Markets Are Available for Purchase?

We are focused on expansion within North America. View our available markets.

Why Should I Franchise with SkyRun?

We offer the absolute best opportunity to hit the ground running with your own vacation rental business. Read why we're regarded as the 'industry's best-kept secret'.

What Is Your Unique Value Proposition Versus the Competition?

We maximize homeowner rental revenue, tailor custom care and solutions for each owner and home, and deliver unmatched expertise to guide homeowners through every step of vacation rental ownership.

Can I Operate in Multiple Markets in Different Destinations?

You technically can, but we strongly recommend you focus on one territory only to give it the care and attention it deserves. If you own multiple markets, we require you spend at minimum 2-3 years in each to ensure its foundation can succeed long-term.

What Marketing Tactics Do You Use to Help Me Find Homeowners and Get Guest Bookings?

We deploy separate strategies for each audience using the following: Direct Mail, Pay-per-Click, SEO, Organic and Paid Social Media, Blogging, Email, Retargeting, Digital and Print Advertising, Influencers, Event Sponsorships, and more.

Does This Opportunity Require Me to Invest in Real Estate?

No, and that's the beauty of this opportunity and industry. You do not need to invest in real estate, rather, you focus on building relationships with homeowners so that they provide the vacation rentals for your business.

Some locations end up having a front-facing office for guests in their destination, but you could do everything from your home, too!

I Would like to Dive Deeper into the Details. Who Can I Speak With?

Please reach out directly to Kyle Gjersee, VP of Development.

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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