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Our Story

We make vacation rental dreams possible for homeowners, guests, and employees by delivering the industry's most exceptional service, systems, and staff. We alleviate stress and elevate experiences, empowering our community to thrive.

In 2004, Barry Cox and Steve Falk created SkyRun Vacation Rentals, a single location vacation rental property management company in Keystone, Colorado. 

Before they knew it, the company was growing, and the industry was booming. Seeing an opportunity where few others did, Barry and Steve realized that the SkyRun brand, process, and systems could be leveraged in other leisure markets where demand was growing rapidly. However, their years of experience in the industry had taught them the importance of being a locally-owned business. With local ownership, SkyRun could deliver superior service to homeowners and guests while actively engaging with the community in which it operated. Hence, Steve and Barry developed a licensing model that would empower entrepreneurs like themselves to enter into the vacation rental industry quickly and easily utilizing SkyRun’s successful software and brand.

In the years following, SkyRun grew with dozens of new locations opening across North America. As the company expanded and the short term rental industry exploded, SkyRun continued to develop systems and processes to help meet the needs of a growing customer base in a technology-driven world. 

In the spring of 2021, founder and CEO tragically Barry Cox passed away after a battle with cancer. Although deeply saddened by this devastating loss, the organization was fiercely committed to preserving Barry’s legacy by making SkyRun the world’s best vacation rental management organization. In support of this vision, Lukas Krause was named President & CEO in June of 2021. Lukas’ background of successfully scaling multi-location property management companies positioned him well for his role at the helm of the organization during an inflection point in its growth.

Under Lukas’ direction, it was clear that SkyRun could offer more to location owners, homeowners, and guests as a franchise than as a licensing organization. So, by 2023, SkyRun officially transitioned to a franchise, offering a robust turnkey business opportunity within the vacation rental space.

Today, SkyRun is one of the industry’s leading vacation rental management companies with a unique business model that powers our mission to make dreams possible for franchisees, homeowners, guests, and employees. We are proud to be on the forefront of the vacation rental industry while staying true to our roots as a trustworthy, reliable service provider. Our homeowners feel supported, our guests feel cared for, and our business continues to thrive. Barry’s dream lives on, and, at the end of the day, we’re living our dreams, each and every day.

Our Promise to Owners

  • Respect

    We are stewards of our property owners’ precious homes. We embrace the unique concerns and aspirations each owner has for their home.
  • Integrity

    We do what we say we are going to do. We communicate honestly even when the conversations are difficult.
  • Friendliness

    We are grateful for the communities in which we operate. Our clients and partners are our neighbors and friends. We treat them as such.

Our Promise to Guests

  • Value

    Before, during and after your vacation, you’ll feel that every penny of your money was well-spent and the perks were icing on the cake.
  • Local Touch

    With the advice of your vacation host, you’ll experience your destination in ways that you would otherwise never have known.
  • Fun

    Your vacation will be a time of relaxation, entertainment, discovery, and escape.

Our Partners

SkyRun Locations

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Broomfield, CO 80021

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