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When you book direct with SkyRun, you get the guaranteed best rate on our properties. Guests save an average of 15% by booking directly with us, avoiding service fees that traditional listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo charge. Our prices are also competitive with rent-from-owner rates, but we offer professional service, optional travel insurance, and immediate on-site assistance should the need arise.

SkyRun provides photos, virtual tours, maps, amenity details and reviews about the property you will be renting. Our staff has first-hand knowledge of each property, so don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

SkyRun is a collective of local franchise owners who leverage SkyRun’s technology, brand, and overall systems to 1) Own and operate their own vacation rental business, 2) Provide full-service property management for your home, and 3) Deliver an unmatched guest experience for your home’s visitors.

Our local ownership model allows us to provide exceptional hands-on service and care to our homeowners, while our national network empowers us to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry. SkyRun truly is the best of both worlds between the big, impersonal brands and the homespun mom and pop shops.

We at SkyRun know that every property is unique. Contact our team for a risk-free detailed analysis on your home, including a breakdown of all costs and revenues to expect. This process will allow us to be as straightforward as possible, a policy we pride ourselves on so our homeowners never feel nickel and dimed.

Three ways:
  1. Our highly efficient tech stack equips each of our franchisees to keep their overhead low, a savings we pass along to our homeowners.
  2. Your property will not only be listed on the leading online booking channels, but will be optimized to perform well against other similar homes. In fact, SkyRun managed properties are booked 2.4 times more often than the average listing on leading booking channels.
  3. We’ve cracked the code when it comes to pricing your property. Using a scientific approach, we’ll always price your property for the best returns, leaving no money on the table.
With this approach, SkyRun homeowners report earning up to 30% more after switching to us.

You’ll have access to an easy-to-use owner portal, where you can:
  1. See, make, and manage your reservations.
  2. Check your home’s KPIs and customize which metrics you want to track with moveable widgets.
  3. View and download your monthly statements, 1099’s, and annual reports.

Yes, SkyRun is proud of our partnerships with real estate agents! Work with us as the vacation rental expert in your back pocket so your client can make the best decision possible on their second home purchase. A partnership with SkyRun means you close more deals, and your clients achieve their dreams. Learn more about our realtor partnerships.

The profitability of your SkyRun business is wholly dependent on the choices you make as an owner. Unlike other franchise opportunities, the SkyRun model–and the vacation rental industry in general–allows franchisees to be true entrepreneurs. Your revenue potential is based on a number of factors, including market size, types of properties and demand for those properties, how much you decide to spend on growth, how and when you hire staff, how you manage pricing, and what amenities you offer. Given these factors, we cannot put an exact number on how much you will make, but we can stand behind the fact that the SkyRun model empowers you to scale your business quickly and efficiently to make the most of your potential.

Between your territory and marketing, you will need to make an investment of around $100,000.

The first step is choosing a destination to purchase. From there, we empower you to build your vacation rental business with our training, ongoing consultation, and full-service software and tools.

We’re proud to stake the claim that we have THE best vacation rental managerial training and support system out there. Our training consists of three parts, covering business operations, rental operations, and portfolio operations in a mix of pre-recorded, live virtual, and live in-person modules. This training program is complemented by access to over 400+ recorded webinars, a comprehensive operations manual, and a thorough onboarding checklist to ensure that you are hitting all the milestones necessary for a successful launch.

The main difference is that we have a proven business model you can follow versus spending much more individual time, resources, and money doing it on your own. In recent years, as demand for vacation rentals has grown, operating a successful vacation rental company has become increasingly complex. SkyRun’s proven systems, perfected over two decades of experience, give our franchisees a leg up by helping to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate a path to profit.

While there is not a one-size-fits-all background that makes the “perfect franchisee,” there are several qualities that we find are common in our most successful operators:
  1. Ambitious – people who seek out opportunities for growth.
  2. Driven – Delivering successful results independently.
  3. Outgoing – With a passion for providing stellar guest experiences.
  4. Problem-solvers – Adaptable and able to make effective, efficient decisions.
  5. Flexible – Variety is something they value in their day.
  6. Financially Sound – With $100k in liquidity and $300k in net worth.

No, and that’s the beauty of this opportunity and industry. You do not need to invest in real estate, rather, you focus on building relationships with homeowners so that they provide the vacation rentals for your business. Some locations end up having a front-facing office for guests in their destination, but you could do everything from your home, too!

How quickly you launch will depend on how much time and capital you are able to invest in the business. Successful new destination owners can be ready to launch their business in as little as three months, signing their first property on average four months after attending their first SkyRun training.

You technically can, but we strongly recommend you focus on one territory only to give it the care and attention it deserves. If you own multiple markets, we require you spend at minimum 2-3 years in each to ensure its foundation can succeed long-term.

Travel insurance is an optional addition to your total rental charges. It is offered on our reservation form at the time of booking. It is also usually offered at the time of booking when you booked with a 3rd party booking site. You can also add travel insurance onto your reservation within 48 hours of booking with SkyRun. The cost of travel insurance varies and is usually between 7% – 9.5% of your total reservation cost depending on the coverage type.  If you do not have travel insurance, you can not cancel your reservation for any reason.  If you have travel insurance and need to cancel or make a claim, please refer to your specific policy.

Each SkyRun destination is locally owned and operated, and each provide a unique set of amenities and services for their guests. Each property listing should outline what is included in that rental.

You can rent any of our properties by booking directly on this website using a credit card or you can call to book a reservation if you would like to speak with a vacation planner.

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