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More people than ever before are Vacation Rental customers

Since 2019, the short term rental industry has grown rapidly with experts forecasting continued expansion in years to come. 

SkyRun offers you the opportunity to enter one of the country’s fastest-growing and untapped economic sectors by launching your own vacation rental property management business.

Our turnkey set of systems, processes, integrations, and support are the launch pad you need to jump into a hot industry at an opportune time with an accelerated path to profit.


Projected vacation rental market size by 2028

1 in every 5

People in the US are vacation rental users


Industry avg revenue per
US user in 2024


Expected annual industry compound growth rate from 2021-2031


Industry increase in average
daily rates since 2018

Sources: Statista, Lodgify, Allied Market Research

The SkyRun System


We set owners up for success with onboarding and ongoing training in marketing, software, and operations.


We provide a highly efficient integrated tech stack, designed to tackle all the hurdles of business ownership.


Our technology powers API integrations with VRBO and Airbnb, with access to 60+ other online booking channels.

Marketing Support

We provide brand-wide marketing support across multiple channels for maximum exposure. Our in-house team of marketing experts can also help you with ongoing marketing initiatives to grow your local business.

General Support

As a part of the SkyRun family, you won’t ever be alone. Join a collective of fellow owners and lean on SkyRun HQ to help navigate any challenges you face.

Collective Purchasing Power

Regardless if you have 20 properties or 200 in your portfolio, being a part of SkyRun means you can leverage the buying power of thousands of properties for enterprise pricing on vetted products and services.

The Process

1. Discovery

2. Vetting

3. Approval

4. Journey Begins

1. Discovery

Learn all about SkyRun and what our franchising opportunity entails.

Introductory Call

Deep Dive

Franchise Disclosure Document Review

2. Vetting

Complete the necessary steps to determine if SkyRun is the right fit for you, and you are the right fit for SkyRun.

Meet the SkyRun CEO

Meet with current SkyRun franchise owners

Background and credit check

Meet the SkyRun leadership team

3. Approval

We award your franchise!

Sign agreement

Wire funds


4. Journey Begins

Launch your own SkyRun Vacation Rental Management business.

Kick-Off Call

Training begins

Success Stories

“We joined SkyRun because we were looking to grow our vacation rental business but didn’t know how. We instantly felt part of a family of location owners that had deep, varied experience; it made us feel confident in getting started. Without SkyRun, it would have taken us years to implement all of the templates, processes, and marketing materials needed to be successful.”

Maria VlahosOwner: SkyRun Phoenix

For me, the value of being a small business owner is enormous, as one can really provide a nice income for one’s family with the opportunity for expansion and increases in the future. We are also building businesses that have value and could be sold at some point.”

Michael LeClercOwner: SkyRun Park City/Deer Valley

“[Being part of SkyRun] has helped me develop who I am as a person in my everyday life, not just in my work life, which is amazing…Having the support of SkyRun HQ is really what allows me to spread my own wings as a SkyRun location owner because it takes some of what I consider the ‘hard parts’ of owning a business out of the equation. There is an amazing group of people who can help you with so much…which allows you to focus on building your business as a whole and focusing on the day-to-day things.”

Megan GutschenritterOwner: SkyRun Steamboat Springs

“[SkyRun] has a family feel with a level of sophistication that is really great. Its a group of local entrepreneurs that really do a great job of taking care of owners and guests, served by a great back-end and team of folks that know the business really well. We all share the same common challenges, issues, joys, and expectations. Everyone shares and helps each other, and there is a real diversity of ownership among the franchisees. Being able to tap into that is pretty neat.”

Mike PhillipsOwner: SkyRun Summit

“The fact that we’re local operators but we work collectively to market a better product to me was very enticing. Its very cool to be able to be the local expert in the area that you manage and take care of as well as being competitive and being able to have the technology to be able to excel. Being able to utilize all of the different technologies [SkyRun HQ has] been able to vet for us in times when I wouldn’t have the time to figure that out ourselves has helped us grow our business.”

Rachel ScottSkyRun Winter Park & Vermont

Current SkyRun Franchise Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

The profitability of your SkyRun business is wholly dependent on the choices you make as an owner. Unlike other franchise opportunities, the SkyRun model–and the vacation rental industry in general–allows franchisees to be true entrepreneurs. Your revenue potential is based on a number of factors, including market size, types of properties and demand for those properties, how much you decide to spend on growth, how and when you hire staff, how you manage pricing, and what amenities you offer. Given these factors, we cannot put an exact number on how much you will make, but we can stand behind the fact that the SkyRun model empowers you to scale your business quickly and efficiently to make the most of your potential.

Between your territory and marketing, you will need to make an investment of around $100,000.

The first step is choosing a destination to purchase. From there, we empower you to build your vacation rental business with our training, ongoing consultation, and full-service software and tools.

We’re proud to stake the claim that we have THE best vacation rental managerial training and support system out there. Our training consists of three parts, covering business operations, rental operations, and portfolio operations in a mix of pre-recorded, live virtual, and live in-person modules. This training program is complemented by access to over 400+ recorded webinars, a comprehensive operations manual, and a thorough onboarding checklist to ensure that you are hitting all the milestones necessary for a successful launch.

The main difference is that we have a proven business model you can follow versus spending much more individual time, resources, and money doing it on your own. In recent years, as demand for vacation rentals has grown, operating a successful vacation rental company has become increasingly complex. SkyRun’s proven systems, perfected over two decades of experience, give our franchisees a leg up by helping to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate a path to profit.

While there is not a one-size-fits-all background that makes the “perfect franchisee,” there are several qualities that we find are common in our most successful operators:
  1. Ambitious – people who seek out opportunities for growth.
  2. Driven – Delivering successful results independently.
  3. Outgoing – With a passion for providing stellar guest experiences.
  4. Problem-solvers – Adaptable and able to make effective, efficient decisions.
  5. Flexible – Variety is something they value in their day.
  6. Financially Sound – With $100k in liquidity and $300k in net worth.

No, and that’s the beauty of this opportunity and industry. You do not need to invest in real estate, rather, you focus on building relationships with homeowners so that they provide the vacation rentals for your business. Some locations end up having a front-facing office for guests in their destination, but you could do everything from your home, too!

How quickly you launch will depend on how much time and capital you are able to invest in the business. Successful new destination owners can be ready to launch their business in as little as three months, signing their first property on average four months after attending their first SkyRun training.

You technically can, but we strongly recommend you focus on one territory only to give it the care and attention it deserves. If you own multiple markets, we require you spend at minimum 2-3 years in each to ensure its foundation can succeed long-term.

Build Your Own Vacation Rental Business

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