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The Top 5 Lifestyle Benefits of Being a Vacation Rental Owner

At SkyRun, we believe buying a vacation property should be seen as a lifestyle investment. Why? The answer is in the name—a “vacation” property is ideally an exciting purchase for you, that holds the keys to your future getaways, adventures, and quality time with family & friends!

Many benefits and responsibilities come with owning a second home. Do you have a plan in place for maintenance, how many days you’ll use it every year, and a calculation of the cost of ownership? Choosing the route of having a property manager, like SkyRun, to care for your home, is a sound strategy to offset the costs of ownership while enjoying all the lifestyle benefits.

Without further ado, let’s get into the top 5 lifestyle benefits of being a vacation rental owner.

1) You Can Generate Passive Income
Owning a property comes with the clear benefit of appreciation, but there are financial perks beyond ownership. As your vacation home is also a financial investment, you can recover your costs and/or make more income by renting it out during the days you’re not using it. Renting out your home comes with the question of whether you would do it on your own or get a property manager.

Do you already own vacation property? See how much you could be making with our free SkyRun Income Estimator. We have 15+ years of experience managing hundreds of properties of all sorts, so we’re pretty great at hitting an accurate mark on your home’s earning potential.

2) Take a Vacation Whenever You Want
Having a place to call home in a beautiful destination is something special that not everyone gets to experience. Take advantage of it! Whether you can work remotely or not, you should squeeze the most vacation days you can out of your vacation home. And if you can’t, that’s when renting it to guests comes in handy financially, or letting friends and family take advantage of a stay.

With SkyRun, homeowners can enjoy the big benefit of having priority and control over when they want to stay in their homes. SkyRun requires a reasonably small amount of rentable days for guests every year, whereas if you were using a second home as a long-term rental, you wouldn’t be able to use it at all.

3) Get More Quality Time with Family and Friends
Having a vacation home makes trips with family and friends easier than ever. You don’t have to worry about where to stay or what to do when you have a cozy home in a destination that you’re quickly becoming familiar with if you aren’t already.

On the same note of sharing your vacation home with family and friends is the fact that you can pass on your legacy by giving it to them to use in the future. Many vacation homeowners smile at the thought of their kids using the home with their grandkids.

4) Travel the World for Free, or Close to Nothing
There are websites like that connect you with other vacation property owners around the world with the opportunity to trade stays in each other’s homes. This is a fantastic way to see the world—you get to stay in the private home of a local, save money, and give that experience to someone else with your home.

5) Owning a Vacation Rental Property Doesn’t Have to Be a Burden
When you have a professional property manager like SkyRun, you can have your home taken care of without needing to handle the maintenance yourself. When you arrive at a property that is professionally managed, everything is set up for a guest with fresh towels, linens, and startup supplies. Your vacation property is a true vacation versus a burden when your home is in great condition down to the smallest details.

Just see what our homeowners have to say!

“Rod and Leslie are responsible, caring, and considerate! They really understand that this house is still a very personal place for us and I feel they understand where we are coming from in terms of how we want the house taken care of. From the care of our house to the instructions they give the visitors – they instill a sense of needed responsibility that carries over to the guests that stay at our home, and that’s nice.”
– SkyRun North Lake Tahoe Homeowners

At SkyRun, we strive to make the experience of owning a vacation rental property truly rewarding, transparent, and easy for our homeowners.

Get the full list of homeowner benefits with SkyRun & download our free homeowner booklet.

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