Beaver Creek: 125 Ridgepoint

3-Bedroom Townhouse


Ken and Diana had seen it all in their 20+ years of homeownership in Beaver Creek. They had worked with several property managers and had even managed their property themselves for a while. In every circumstance, there were headaches – whether it be creative accounting, disappointing services, or a lack of professionalism. Nothing seemed to be the right fit. Ken and Diana weren’t sure if they would ever be able to own a vacation rental without the headaches.

  • “Creative accounting” and a lack of transparency 
  • Property management companies failing to live up to their promises
  • A lack of professionalism
  • Problems left unresolved in the home


Ken and Diana reached out to Steve Falk, the founder of SkyRun, in the hopes that they may be interested in managing their property. Steve said something during that meeting that Ken and Diana will never forget: “It would be our privilege to manage your home for you.” They had never heard a property manager approach a relationship with such respect for the home and the homeowner. They knew that this was the property manager they had been seeking.

  • SkyRun offers transparent and straightforward accounting
  • SkyRun lives up to its promises and agreements
  • SkyRun is respectful and professional 
  • SkyRun takes care of problems in a timely manner 


Ken and Diana’s rental revenue has greatly improved, and the SkyRun staff has taken great care of their property


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Years with SkyRun


With SkyRun, we immediately felt respected as homeowners. We’ve owned in Ridgepoint for over 25 years. This is not our first rodeo, but it is our best one.

Ken & Diana Beaver Creek, CO

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