Copper Mountain: CM325

2-Bedroom Condo


Megan was struggling to get reliable and consistent service from her property manager. She felt like there was a lack of communication and that her property wasn’t making as much revenue as she had hoped. She also struggled to book stays at her property as the booking software was antiquated and difficult to use.

  • Poor communication from property manager
  • Disappointing revenue results
  • Looking for reliable management
  • Trouble booking owner stays


Megan decided it was time to make a switch. She started looking for a local property manager. After meeting with SkyRun and discussing her concerns, she decided to sign up. Megan can now easily get ahold of her property manager, and she’s also making more revenue . When she wants to book an owner stay, SkyRun makes it a seamless experience.

  • SkyRun is consistent and quick to respond
  • SkyRun helps generate more revenue
  • SkyRun doesn’t nickel and dime for services
  • SkyRun makes it easy to book owner stays


Partnering with SkyRun has allowed Megan to generate more revenue from her rental property, helping to reach her goals.


Year with SkyRun


First Year Revenue


SkyRun has proven to be a trustworthy and communicative property manager that has been easy to work with!

Megan Copper Mountain, CO

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