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When Kay started renting her ideally located studio condo in Destin, Florida, she was looking for a partner she could rely on to drive regular bookings to her property and maximize the return on her investment. As a realtor, she both understands the investment potential of owning property, as well as the importance of good relationships in any business partnership. So, when her original property manager–one of the large local companies–falsified her owner statements with a number of bogus charges, she knew she had to find a new property management company.

  • Looking for a trusted partner
  • Wanted to maximize rental revenue
  • Tired of dealing with extreme fees
  • Wanted to increase bookings


A trusted neighbor recommended SkyRun to Kay and suggested she discuss her property with the SkyRun team. After reaching out to SkyRun Destin, Kay was immediately impressed by their commitment to their homeowners. She knew she needed a manager she could trust, and she felt that she had found that with SkyRun. In addition, she saw SkyRun make smart investments in technology (like dynamic pricing) to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive landscape.

  • SkyRun provides trustworthy services
  • SkyRun offers lower fees
  • SkyRun cares about her property
  • SkyRun utilizes dynamic pricing


Kay's property income has doubled, and she now recommends SkyRun to all her real estate clients.


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