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2-Bedroom Condo


Jeff purchased his 2-bedroom home in Park City, UT with intentions to rent it for the winter season. Because Jeff was not local to Park City, it was important that his home be professionally maintained during the cold winter months, that guests were well taken care of, and that he generated adequate rental income throughout the winter. After Jeff purchased his second home, he partnered with another property manager to start generating income ASAP. He quickly realized their rates were too high, the customer service was poor, and they did not care much for business. Once the existing bookings were done, he called Michael and switched to SkyRun.

  • Not local to the Park City area
  • Disappointing service from previous management company
  • Needed a trusted partner to maintain his home
  • Looking to generate adequate rental income


Immediately, Jeff knew he had a partner he could depend on to manage his home. He said SkyRun treated him like a top client right away and that time was spent (before any rental income had come in) to ensure he had a good property that would rent and show well. Within a week, the property was listed and marketed on over 45 websites within the US and internationally, and the reservations started pouring in.  Jeff is confident SkyRun is a partner he trusts, and his home is in good hands.

  • SkyRun provides dependable management service
  • SkyRun takes care of any maintenance or problems that arise
  • SkyRun delivers excellent service for guests
  • SkyRun helps to increase bookings


Within the first 4-months, Jeff’s home generated significant income. Even in an area where the competition is fierce, his first winter results were terrific.


Average Guest Review


Months with SkyRun


Rental Income in First 4 Months with SkyRun


Our customers have great things to say about the unit as well as the service that SkyRun provides. When issues have come up, SkyRun has addressed them quickly and ensured that the customers were well taken care of to make up for any inconveniences.

Jeff Park City, UT

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