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Announcing our Preferred Connectivity Partner status with Vrbo

Our high-quality connection delivers valuable tools and reliable experiences that fuel business growth.

Today we’re announcing our status as a 2021 Vrbo Preferred Connectivity Partner. Our recognition as a Preferred Connectivity Partner underscores our focus on building and maintaining a high-quality connection that empowers our customers to grow their businesses on the Vrbo marketplace.

Preferred Connectivity Partners are high-value vacation rental connectivity providers recognized for their advanced systems with a wide range of products and an excellent connection to Vrbo. This designation is a result of our commitment to:

Developing software integrations to a high standard with advanced tools and features.
Providing a quality technical connection to Vrbo with a reliable user experience.
Maintaining strong performance on Vrbo and engaging with the Vrbo team to continually optimize.
We’re proud to provide a high-quality connection to our customers and empower them to perform their best on the Vrbo marketplace.

Get connected with Vrbo

You can reach millions of travelers every day on Vrbo as a part of Expedia Group’s global marketplace through our advanced connection. Learn more about Vrbo.

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