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Park City Vacation Rentals and A New Type of Traveler

When Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort ended their season early on March 14, 2020, there was considerable anxiety surrounding the future of vacation rentals in Park City. Facing an uncertain future, owners braced for the worst—weeks or months without income from bookings.

In a surprising twist, by May 2020, reservations in the Park City area were on a steady incline with renters booking for weeks, even months, at a time. Taking advantage of new work-from-home policies and online learning models that were adopted during the pandemic, many renters found themselves escaping the larger cities where they lived in favor of smaller, picturesque towns like Park City.

Today, as we move into a “new normal,” this trend isn’t slowing. Loosening restrictions across the country means more people are looking to areas like Park City as a place where they can work and play. Flexible travel schedules also mean we aren’t seeing the typical peaks and valleys of the tourism season, rather consistently booked calendars through the summer to the end of the year.  

How can you ensure you’re maximizing the opportunity for your rental to be booked during this busy time? Providing comfortable workspaces and fast internet is our top recommendation. Having at least two desks or tables with comfortable seating, and internet speeds that can support video calls and multiple devices will be a huge draw to guests looking to work remotely during their stay.

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