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5 Fun Things for Teenagers to do in Breck

1. Riding the Gondola
The Gondola is a fun way to see Breck and its nature and also see one of our ski resorts during the summer. It’s completely free and has easy access. The gondola stops at two places and you can get off at any of them or you can stay on until you get back. Super fun to go on with friends and family during the summer and even more fun to go on during the winter if you’re looking for a way to get up the mountain to ski or snowboard. 

2. Downstairs at Eric’s 
This is one of my favorite restaurants to go to with my friends or family. It offers great food, great service, and a huge arcade room. It’s very affordable and is even owned by our mayor. The arcade room offers many fun games, activities, and at least 15 flat-screen TV’s in the main room.

3. Breckenridge Escape Room
Breckenridge Escape room offers many different escape challenges that vary from easy to hard. The more you do the better you’ll become at it. It’s one way that you and your family or friends can solve a puzzle together and have a fun time. Discover secrets, secret passageways, moving bookshelves, and much more.

4. Fuzziwigs Candy Store
If you’re looking for any kind of candy to eat this is the place to go. They offer every type of candy you can think of and have big towers of candy when you walk in. They have anything from chocolate, to sugary candy, to ice cream, to jellybeans.

5. Ready, Paint, Fire
This is a fun way to express yourself in an art form in any way you want. You can make paintings, sculptures, paint mugs and plates, make things with glass, and much more. They are very affordable and you can go with friends and family, make your art, then come back and pick it up when they are done.