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Choosing a Vacation Rental Manager in Breckenridge, CO

Having a difficult time selecting a company to care for and manage your home?

We understand that it’s a difficult choice and a lot of data to sift through to make the right decision. Often, the choice is made after a detailed comparison of services and costs without considering the big picture.

We find that there are four areas in which to focus to help you make a decision and make sure you choose a company where you will have a partner for the long-term. 

1) Are they a local company?
You’ve looked at the company’s website and they look like they’re local, but that can be deceiving. More and more “local” companies are owned by large out-of-state corporations and private equity firms interested in building shareholder value for themselves than actually caring for your home.

SkyRun Breckenridge is a local company, staffed with long-time locals with deep ties to the community. We understand how to market and price your home effectively to maximize your value. Our local staff cares for your home because we know that it is not just an investment, but an essential part of your family.

2) Are they so big that you are just a number?
Recently, there has been a consolidation of rental companies creating mega-companies managing hundreds of homes. It’s an important consideration whether you want the “Walmart” of management companies caring for your home or a more agile, responsive company that can genuinely serve the homeowner’s needs.

SkyRun Breckenridge is perfectly sized. Big enough to provide the services you deserve and small enough to still care. We focus on delivering owner-centric management hyper-focused on providing quality care to our homeowners and guests. At SkyRun Breckenridge, you will never be a number, but a valued partner.

3) Are they so small you won’t get the service, responsiveness, or revenue that you need?
While the mega-brands are buying up many smaller companies, they also struggle to compete and provide essential services to their homeowners. Today’s rental landscape is much different than it was ten or even five years ago. Companies need to be able to evolve to the ever-changing technical landscape to online bookings and the heightened competition by the national and large rental mills.

SkyRun Breckenridge is on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to the rental industry. We are fully integrated to over 70 third party partners, including Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway, FlipKey, TripAdvisor, Expedia,, and many more. We construal evolve our software to leverage changes in the marketplace, including our dynamic pricing model and text-based guest communications. Our metrics prove it, and it results in more revenue, fewer costs, and a homeware model that puts our homeowner’s goals #1.

4) Finally, is their pricing fair and do they operate with transparency and integrity?
Shouldn’t you net more for your home than your property manager? Fair pricing doesn’t just mean a low commission. It means you’re not paying for an endless list of useless expenses like linen, marketing, credit card, and snow shoveling fees that add up to thousands of dollars a year. It also means that you should know what you are paying for and there should be value in the services provided. Have you ever received your monthly statement only to see a large bill, not knowing anything about it? It happens all the time.

SkyRun Breckenridge provides transparency and communicates issues with our homeowners. Hence, you have input into major decisions about your own home. Our zero-fee pricing means that you pay a fair price for our service with no surprise charges or hidden fees. Our homeowners always net more revenue than their previous management company. Our 98% owner retention speaks for itself.

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