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Explore Park City/Deer Valley Like a Local with Your Ultimate Guide to 10 Can’t-Miss Attractions for This Summer


Tucked away in the mountains of Utah, Park City and Deer Valley are not just winter wonderlands but vibrant summer retreats teeming with local activities and scenic beauty. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a culture enthusiast, or someone who loves leisurely days in nature, this guide, written from a local’s perspective, will navigate you through the best spots for an unforgettable summer. So grab your adventure gear and let’s discover the local secrets of Park City and Deer Valley!

Strolling Through Historic Main Street

As locals, we love starting our weekends with a morning walk down Historic Main Street. This area is more than just a shopping district; it’s where Park City’s heart beats. You’ll find everything from handcrafted jewelry to leather goods. After some shopping, cool off with a “Park City Mule” at High West Distillery, and if you’re up for a bite, the local food scene is bustling with options ranging from upscale dining to cozy cafes.

Hiking or Biking at Deer Valley Resort

When the snow melts, Deer Valley Resort reveals miles of hiking and biking trails that we locals treasure for early morning escapes. The trails range from gentle loops perfect for families to challenging climbs that reward with panoramic vistas. It’s a beautiful way to experience our mountains without the winter gear, and the lifts operate in summer too, giving you easy access to the top!

Adventuring at Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park isn’t just for winter sports; it’s a summer playground that we’re proud of. From extreme zip lines to obstacle courses and alpine slides, there’s enough to keep the whole family active. And for a real thrill, try the bobsled experience on wheels—it’s the closest summer alternative to the winter rush!

Kayaking or Paddleboarding at Jordanelle Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir is our local oasis. Just a short drive from downtown, this spot offers peaceful waters ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding. The reservoir is surrounded by trails and picnic spots, so plan for a full day here. Early mornings are magical, as the water is often still and reflects the stunning mountain skyline. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Whitewater Rafting Near Park City

Nothing beats the heat like a day on the river, and both the Weber and Provo Rivers provide refreshing summer escapes with a side of adrenaline. Local guides can take you down thrilling class II and III rapids, or offer more relaxed scenic floats where you might spot local wildlife. Rafting here is a favorite local activity for cooling off and having fun.

Biking the Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

Ask any cyclist, and they’ll tell you that Guardsman Pass is a must-do. The road winds through aspen forests and opens up to fields of wildflowers. It’s a challenging ride, but the views are worth every pedal stroke. If biking isn’t your style, the drive is just as breathtaking and offers plenty of viewpoints for that perfect summer photo.

Enjoying Live Performances at Egyptian Theatre

Summer nights at the Egyptian Theatre are a staple! This historic venue hosts an array of performances, from local play productions to visiting musicians. It’s a cultural gem that provides a perfect ending to any day spent outdoors. Check their summer schedule to catch a show—you won’t regret it!

Thrilling Down the Alpine Coaster

The Alpine Coaster is a favorite among Park City locals for its unique twist on mountain fun. It’s not every day you can ride a coaster through natural landscapes! The ride offers a thrilling way to see the mountain’s beauty at speeds that will definitely get your heart racing. Plus, it’s fun for all ages.

Tee Off in Style! 

Summer in Park City offers more than just mountain adventures; it’s also perfect for golf enthusiasts. With several top-rated courses like Park City Golf Course and the luxurious Promontory Club, golfers of all levels can enjoy the thrill of playing at high altitudes amidst stunning mountain landscapes. Extended daylight hours allow for more time on the greens, so booking in advance, dressing in layers, and staying hydrated are key. Whether you’re playing a leisurely round or tackling a challenging championship course, golfing in Park City offers a unique blend of sport and spectacular scenery.

Exploring the Trails at Silver Lake Area

Silver Lake Area is a local haven for peaceful hikes and wildlife watching. The area features boardwalks around the lake and several trails that offer easy access to breathtaking mountain views. It’s a great spot for a family day trip or a quiet morning jog. The wildflowers in summer are a sight to behold, making it a photographer’s paradise.

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