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Owner Portal Highlights

With our new website, the SkyRun Owner Portal has been enhanced to include information to help you see how your property is performing.

To access the portal, you can visit and logon.  When you’re logged on, you’ll see a little green button on the bottom right of your photo gallery that will allow you as the property owner to switch back and forth from the public view of your property to your owner portal.

You can use the calendar on the left to easily MAKE, UPDATE or CANCEL any owner reservation.  Owner reservations will appear on the calendar in YELLOW so you’ll be able to easily identify them.

You can also review and update your owner account information like you email or phone number or even your bank account into by clicking ‘edit’.

You will be able to use the tabs shown to select the information you would like to view:

  1. Main – A set of tiles (new) that show pertinant information about your past and future reservations and income.  click on the + on each tile to see addl info.
  2. Reservations – A list of your upcoming Reservations
  3. Statements – Each of your past statements is included here
  4. (new!) Graphs – Some detailed graphical about your property.  compare past and this year in rent$, occupancy, average daily rate and more.
  5. Reports – Annual reports like 1099’s and income summaries
  6. News – See the latest nederland property owner news.

An example of the new ‘Graphs’ tab on the SkyRun Owner Portal