Alma: High Altitude Haven

3-Bedroom House


Meet the Williams family, a retired couple from Kansas City who decided to make their dream of owning a second home in Alma, CO a reality. Their goal was not just to have a 3-bedroom vacation home but also to create a family getaway and a lasting legacy for their children.

  • New to short-term rentals
  • Lives in another state
  • Wanted a local presence to manage their property
  • Needed flexibility in bookings


The Williams family chose SkyRun as their property manager based on several key factors. SkyRun’s approach to off-season pricing, tailored to demand and seasonal trends, caught their attention. In addition, the hands-on approach of SkyRun, especially in handling property maintenance issues, has made the entire process hassle-free for the homeowners.

  • SkyRun is local and hands on
  • SkyRun optimizes off-season pricing
  • SkyRun provides hassle-free management
  • SkyRun offers flexibility in bookings


Since partnering with SkyRun, the income generated from renting out their 3-bedroom home has offset the cost of the mortgage, providing financial relief.


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Having someone truly hands-on with our property and taking care of all
aspects of maintenance has made a world of difference for us.

BJ Williams Alma, CO

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