Beaver Creek: 304 Spruce Tree Lodge

3-Bedroom House


When Brian purchased a home in Arrowhead, he realized he would need help managing his property and renting it out. He initially signed with Vail Associates, but quickly learned he wanted a more attentive property manager. Brian wanted to find a company that could help him increase his rental income, market his property aggressively, and provide him with outstanding customer service.

  • No time to self manage his rental
  • Looking for a responsive property manager
  • Wanted to minimize fees
  • Needed flexibility in bookings


Brain was ready to try something new and began reaching out to other property management companies in the area. He contacted SkyRun to see how much of a difference a new property management company could make, and in doing so found an appropriate solution for his needs.

  • SkyRun helps market his property to guests
  • SkyRun provides excellent communication
  • SkyRun offers Brian better commission rates
  • SkyRun gives Brian flexibility in renting out his property


Brian signed with SkyRun, and in doing so, he was able to negotiate a significant decrease in his commission rate.


Star Rating


Years with SkyRun


Yearly Rental Income


By signing with SkyRun, I was able to negotiate a significant decrease in the commissions I paid for short-term rentals as well as secure long-term rentals when appropriate. I’m glad I made the switch, and I have been impressed with SkyRun’s quick response time. My property manager Athena has always been quick to get back to me and help me with any requests or needs I have had for my property.

Brian Beaver Creek, CO

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