Breckenridge: Casa de Plata

5-Bedroom House


Chris and Laurie purchased their 5-bedroom home in Breckenridge and quickly realized that they needed help managing it. It was important that their home was well taken care of and that they would be able to generate good rental income. Chris and Laurie contacted several property management companies, including SkyRun Breckenridge. Most companies never even returned their call or presented them with a complex fee structure.

  • Needed a trustworthy partner
  • Looking to generate good rental income
  • Hoping to avoid complex fee structures
  • Wanted someone to properly care for their home


Within 2 hours of submitting an inquiry to SkyRun Breckenridge, Chris and Laurie received a call back. The explanation of the SkyRun philosophy they received was straightforward and easy for the first-time rental property owners to understand. After learning about the services SkyRun offered, Chris and Laurie knew they had a partner they could depend on to manage their home

  • SkyRun is responsive to both the homeowner and guests 
  • SkyRun makes generating rental income possible
  • SkyRun offers an easy-to-understand fee structure
  • SkyRun takes good care of their home


Chris and Laurie found a responsive and trustworthy property manager in SkyRun who treats both their home and their guests with respect.


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SkyRun has taken a personal interest in our home, its care, and in keeping it filled. Whenever we call with a need, they respond, and they do the same for their guests.

Chris & Laurie Breckenridge, CO

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