Breckenridge: The Lift C212

2-Bedroom + Loft Condo


Mark purchased his 2-bedroom condominium in Breckenridge, Colorado for personal and revenue-generating purposes. With a full time job and family, Mark needed a property manager that would allow him to be hands off. Communication was an important factor for Mark, as he wanted a manager that was responsive and would take good care of his property. He contacted 4 different property managers, including SkyRun Breckenridge, before making his decision.

  • No time to manage his rental on his own
  • Wanted to be hands off
  • Looking for a responsive property manager
  • Needed someone to take good care of his property


When it came to the decision, it was the responsiveness and positive attitude of the SkyRun Breckenridge team, coupled with their competitive commission rate that won Mark over. He cites SkyRun’s communication, input, and personal touch as reasons why he believes their relationship is so strong 3.5 years later. In addition to caring for the property and ensuring bookings, SkyRun has also taken the time to talk with Mark about updates to the unit, providing advice for upgrades that could give the space a fresh look and help future bookings.

  • SkyRun is responsive to any questions
  • SkyRun offers a competitive commission rate
  • SkyRun takes good care of his property
  • SkyRun provides advice about updating the unit


Since signing with SkyRun, Mark's rental income continues to grow year over year. He is impressed with the occupancy rates and the overwhelmingly positive responses from guests.


Average Guest Review


Years with SkyRun


Rental Income Generated


SkyRun is a guest and owner-friendly property management company. They do an amazing job of balancing the two audiences. I am happy, our guests are happy, and I have never had a complaint about them as a property manager. Mike and the SkyRun team have exceeded expectations and earned my trust 100%.

Mark Breckenridge, CO

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