Copper Mountain: CS431 Copper Springs

3-Bedroom Condo


When Katherine bought her condo in Copper, she partnered with a large property management company. She realized that after the high commission fees, she was making less revenue than she had hoped. She was also struggling to get someone on the phone when she needed something for her property.

  • Tired of high commission fees
  • Experiencing disappointing revenue results
  • Property manager was unresponsive
  • Had trouble booking owner stays


Katherine started looking to see if she could find a more responsive property manager. After talking with SkyRun, she decided to make the switch. Katherine now has a lower commission rate, and her property is generating more revenue for her. SkyRun has also been able to coordinate with contractors to help complete projects for her home while she is away. The best part is she now has a property manager who is quick to respond if she ever needs anything for her property.

  • SkyRun is quick to respond to Katherine
  • SkyRun offers better commission rates
  • SkyRun helps facilitate home improvement
  • SkyRun gives Katherine more flexibility


Because SkyRun offers better commission rates, Katherine's property is generating more income for her, which is exactly what she was looking for.


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SkyRun has shown that they care about my home, and I know that it’s in good hands.

Katherine Copper Mountain, CO

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