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1-Bedroom Condo


When Melvin originally signed up with a property management company in Fort Lauderdale, he had several goals. First and foremost, he wanted to maximize rental revenue on his condo. In addition, he was looking for a reliable partner who could take care of maintenance, while also providing outstanding customer service for his guests. After a few years of not seeing his goals met, he knew it was time to make a switch.

  • Looking to maximize rental income
  • Wanted to ensure property was well-cared for
  • Seeking a reliable management company
  • Looking for a partner to provide excellent customer service for guests


While Melvin was looking for a property manager, he came across SkyRun. After spending some time researching SkyRun, he found that they had an excellent reputation in their other locations and decided to give them a shot. Melvin signed on with SkyRun and became the first home under their management in Fort Lauderdale.

  • SkyRun handles any issues that arise
  • SkyRun delivers outstanding customer service to guests
  • SkyRun helps Melvin meet his goals
  • SkyRun provides peace of mind


Since signing with SkyRun, Melvin has gained a responsive property owner that is quick to handle any issues and delivers excellent customer service to guests.


Average Guest Review


Years with SkyRun


My relationship with Skyrun (Leidy) is great. The vibe we
have works well for the goals we have achieved.

Melvin Fort Lauderdale, FL

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