Keystone: The Seasons 1821

2-Bedroom Condo


Before working with SkyRun, Ted partnered with a local property management company in Keystone. He quickly found that they were setting his rental rates too low and he felt there were too many one-night bookings. He was also frustrated that he had to pay additional fees to advertise his property. The extra advertising costs combined with the low rental rates decreased his earnings, and Ted realized he wasn’t making as much as he hoped.

  • Disappointed with rental revenue
  • Tired of paying additional fees
  • Rental rate was set too low
  • Looking to extend booking durations


Ted started looking for a new property management company and came across SkyRun. He liked that SkyRun had a simple and
straightforward rental contract and appreciated that they were willing to negotiate their booking rates. Ted has been impressed with SkyRun’s open communication and willingness to listen. In addition, the SkyRun booking software allows a minimum rental rate to be set, so Ted’s property will no longer be booked at below-market value.

  • SkyRun offers straightforward contract terms
  • SkyRun is willing to listen to any concerns
  • SkyRun utilizes technology to keep rental rates at market value
  • SkyRun helps to maximize rental revenue


With fewer fees and technology to keep his rental correctly priced, Ted is enjoying increased rental revenue from his property.


I’ve been impressed with SkyRun’s honest and open communication and their willingness to listen.

Ted Keystone, CO

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