Nederland: SkyRun Cabin & Lookout Lodge

2-Bedroom Home & 4-Bedroom Home


Karen, an owner of SkyRun, made the decision to offer two of her properties near Nederland for rent. One of these properties was specifically constructed for vacation rentals, while the other had served her as her family’s home for many years. In 2022, she chose to relocate from Nederland while retaining her cherished family home. Encouraged by her initial positive experience with SkyRun Nederland, she opted to make both properties available for rental, allowing others to enjoy them for vacations while also preserving the option for her own personal use.

  • No time to self manage
  • Needed a local manager
  • Looking for hands-on management
  • Needed flexibility


Karen’s decision to entrust SkyRun with the management of her two homes has made a significant and positive difference in her lifestyle. It has freed her from the daily hassles of vacation property management. The dedicated Nederland team ensures that her homes are kept in outstanding condition and promptly addresses any issues that arise. They also employ dynamic pricing strategies to stay in sync with market trends, thus maximizing her revenue. All in all, the SkyRun team has turned vacation rental management into a seamless and worry-free experience for her.

  • SkyRun saves Karen time
  • SkyRun is quick to respond to Karen
  • SkyRun gives Karen peace of mind
  • SkyRun gives Karen flexibility with renting her properties


By using dynamic pricing strategies and delivering top-tier customer service, SkyRun has helped Karen maximize her earnings.


Average Guest Review


Years with SkyRun


2023 Revenue (for 2 Rentals)


SkyRun’s staff has always treated my properties as if they were their own, and that’s such a comforting feeling. I’m very happy with the income stream generated through SkyRun’s property management.

Karen Nederland, CO

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