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Before Monty partnered with SkyRun, he had a mixed experience with his previous property manager. The initial days were promising, but after being acquired by another company, the personal attention got worse, leading to frustration in communication, poor reviews, and a drop in revenue.

  • Previous manager had no local personnel
  • Dealing with an unresponsive property manager
  • Seeing an increase in poor customer reviews
  • Rental was priced too low, which was affecting revenue


Monty’s search for a reliable property manager took an unexpected turn when he received a flyer from Mandy at SkyRun. Choosing SkyRun was a clear decision for Monty. The attention to detail, local presence, and expertise provided by Mandy and the SkyRun team created a promising path forward. Since switching, his rental gained a wider presence through integration with multiple booking platforms. SkyRun’s commitment to personalized service, seamless transitions, revenue optimization, and guest satisfaction has not only improved Monty’s property experience but has also set a positive trajectory for his investment’s future success.

  • SkyRun delivers a proactive approach
  • SkyRun is quick to fix any issues
  • SkyRun’s dynamic pricing increased revenue
  • SkyRun provides peace of mind


By partnering with SkyRun, Monty has seen an increase in positive reviews for his home, which has led to better revenue and more peace of mind.


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Years with SkyRun


Our occupancy rates have soared thanks to the outstanding reviews, all of which stem from Mandy’s meticulous attention to detail.

Monty Santa Fe, NM

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