Sante Fe: Sun Mountain View Estate

3-Bedroom House


Meet Suki, a vacation rental owner who was frustrated with her current property manager they dropped the ball, were slow on the uptake, and were hard to reach. Determined not to settle, Suki set out to find a better property management company.

  • Property manager was unresponsive
  • Tired of dealing with missed expectations
  • Paying too much in fees
  • Rental was priced too low


Enter SkyRun, a game-changer that came into Suki’s life through a
simple postcard. Armed with tough questions, she grilled Mandy
about SkyRun’s unique property management approach. Mandy’s
responses were like a breath of fresh air solid, reassuring, and packed with expertise. SkyRun’s strategies breathed new life into Suki’s vacation rental dreams. Mandy’s knack for creating inviting spaces and clever marketing turned Suki’s property into a hotspot for travelers, resulting in more bookings. In addition, Suki found herself unburdened from the day-to-day hassles of rental management, taking the load off her shoulders.

  • SkyRun takes a hands-on approach
  • SkyRun is quick to respond to Suki
  • SkyRun marketed effectively to increase bookings
  • SkyRun gives Suki peace of mind


SkyRun's hands-on approach and innovative marketing ideas took the stress of rental management off of Suki and led to a welcome spike in income.


Average Guest Review


Years with SkyRun


Mandy is super easy to work with and is a very hard working person! As a woman who knows how to get things done, I appreciate working with
another woman who’s also professional and accomplished.

Suki Santa Fe, NM

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