Steamboat Springs: Phoenix 118

4-Bedroom Condo


Laura decided to purchase an investment property in Steamboat Springs. Because the condo was 3 hours from where she lived, she hired a property manager to help her manage it. Laura was quickly disappointed in their services and results. Her property wasn’t receiving as many bookings as she had hoped for, and her property manager was charging her a high commission rate. On top of that, they also nickel and dimed her for everything they could. Laura knew she could be making more income from her property and decided to make a change.

  • Looking for a local manager
  • Tired of high commission rates and fees
  • Disappointed in booking results
  • Wanted to maximize rental income


After meeting with Megan from SkyRun, Laura knew that she had
found the property manager she had been looking for. Since making the switch to SkyRun, Laura’s experience with a property manager has significantly improved. SkyRun is quick to respond to her questions or concerns, and she now has a lower commission rate. Plus, she no longer gets nickel and dimed or receives surprise charges on her income statements.

  • SkyRun offers a better commission rate
  • SkyRun doesn’t tack on surprise fees
  • SkyRun delivers more consistent bookings
  • SkyRun is more responsive and helpful


Since switching to SkyRun, Laura is seeing more consistent bookings on her property, which has helped to increase rental income.


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SkyRun is always quick to respond, and I feel like my home is in good hands.

Laura Steamboat Springs, CO

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