Sugarbush: Mad House Rentals

3-Unit Rental Property


Meet Desiree and Michael, owners of a historic property once home to the Common Man restaurant, and now cleverly converted into three luxurious condominiums. Unfortunately, their journey wasn’t without challenges. They faced disappointing services from previous property managers, marked by poor performance and financial frustrations, often feeling nickel and dimed.

  • Tired of paying high fees
  • Looking for help with marketing
  • Frustrated with service from previous manager
  • Wanted to maximize rental income


Upon receiving a postcard from SkyRun, they were intrigued and made the decision to transition. Under SkyRun’s stewardship, their property not only enjoyed enhanced rental income but also maintained high guest satisfaction. Rachel significantly boosted the rental’s occupancy through her adept marketing skills. Their positive experience with SkyRun was so impactful that it influenced their daughter to choose SkyRun for managing her own vacation rental.

  • SkyRun utilizes effective marketing
  • SkyRun optimizes off-season pricing
  • SkyRun provides hassle-free management
  • SkyRun offers lower fees and commission


Since switching to SkyRun, Desiree and Michael have enjoyed better rental income and consistent occupancy rates.


Average Guest Review


Year with SkyRun


2024 Revenue for 3 Units


Our past experiences had us on edge, considering selling our property. However, SkyRun, particularly Rachel, transformed our experience. She not only secured our Airbnb listing but also maximized our rental income by strategically marketing our three condos for special events.

Desiree & Michael Sugarbush, VT

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