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3-Bedroom Townhouse


When Tim bought a property in the Summit area, he originally signed with a large property management company. They charged high commission rates and were taking around half of everything Tim made from bookings. Tim wanted to generate more income from his property and felt like he was leaving money on the table.

  • Paying too much in fees
  • Disappointed in booking revenue
  • Wanted to maximize rental income
  • Looking for flexibility


Tim was already using SkyRun to manage his Copper property and was thrilled with the service he was getting. When he learned SkyRun had a location in Summit operated by the same Copper staff, he decided to make the switch. Tim was able to negotiate a significant reduction in his commission rate, allowing him to increase his rental income.┬áTim feels like his homes are now in good hands, and that he’s working with a property manager who has his best interests in mind.

  • SkyRun offers better commission rates
  • SkyRun generates more rental revenue
  • SkyRun doesn’t charge high fees
  • SkyRun offers flexible options for renting


Since signing with SkyRun, Tim takes in more revenue from bookings and is earning more than he ever did with his previous property manager


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Year with SkyRun


SkyRun’s staff is top notch, and working with them has been fantastic.

Tim Summit County, CO

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