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10 Must-Have Items to Pack For Your Mountain Vacation!

We’ve all been in the position where we get to our destination and realize that we left some of our most important essentials at home. When traveling to the mountains in the summer, it can be a guessing game to figure out what you will absolutely need while here. Prepare the right way with this list that will go over everything you will need to make the most out of your Colorado vacation.

  • Hiking boots. Keystone and its surrounding areas have an abundance of beautiful hikes to explore, make sure your feet have the correct support!
  • Sunscreen. The Colorado sun is STRONG. Protect your skin with SPF30 or stronger.
  • A lightweight jacket. While the daytime sun will warm you up, the nights here are always a little bit chilly. Prepare for any time of day with light layers.
  • A bathing suit. Keystone has some of the most gorgeous outdoor pools. Plus, there are some amazing swimming holes nestled in the surrounding mountains.
  • Your camera. Maybe this just means having your iPhone, but you will want to save the memories made in Colorado to look back on long after you return home.
  • A fishing rod. You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity to fish! Our lakes and rivers are filled with freshwater fish to catch.
  • Binoculars. Keystone is rich in different types of wildlife, use your binoculars to see them from afar. If you’re lucky, they might even walk right up to your back patio.
  • A nice outfit. While outdoor activities are the main attraction of Keystone in the summer, River Run has several nice restaurants to enjoy after a long day enjoying the outdoors.
  • A hat. While sunscreen will do the trick, a hat will protect your head from overheating in the Colorado sun.
  • Your friends and family to enjoy everything Keystone has to offer, together!

We hope this list will help you plan your summer vacation in Colorado accordingly. Call SkyRun today to book your perfect mountain condo! We look forward to speaking with you.