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WAVE: Light + Water + Sound Festival To Kick Off Summer In Breckenridge

On May 31st the annual WAVE: Light + Water + Sound festival returns to Breckenridge for it’s third year to kick off the start of summer. Artists have begun congregating from around the world to showcase their contemporary public masterpieces incorporated into the local landscape, river and bridges. Relaxing tunes and melodies will soon start to fill the air, adding a touch of magic to the cacophony of birds chirping and water churning as it flows down the Blue River right through the heart of Breckenridge. Giant interactive art installations will start taking shape, becoming one with Colorado’s natural landscape, expanding your consciousness while lending inspiration to your inner creative side. The best part of this vibrant four-day art festival? It’s open to all ages, AND completely free!

Immerse yourself in the interactive sea of lights, water, and sound and experience the magic that descends upon Breckenridge to celebrate the start of our beautiful summer season. With cutting edge art installations that incorporate mesmerizing lights, fascinating sounds and the rushing water of the Blue River, The WAVE Festival is a pure joy to witness and guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family!

Attendees of this year’s WAVE will be treated to the US premier of Angels of Freedom, a mesmerizing artistic installation of stunning light-works depicting halos and angel wings. Visitors are encouraged to take photos, pose with the wings and halos, and share the beautiful images online for the entire world to enjoy. Created by the OGE Group based in Jerusalem, the studio’s founders Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr hope to inspire attendees with their surreal angel wings by opening their eyes to a new, unique perspective.

Head on down to the WAVE exhibition site at 8 pm on May 31st because you won’t want to miss the community bike parade, Light Cycles. Enthusiastic bikers wishing to participate in the ride should meet at Breck Bike Guides at 411 S. Main between 7-8 pm either with their pre-decorated bike, or take advantage of the free glow swag and decorate when you arrive.

After taking in the beauty of the WAVE Festival’s dazzling array of attractions, Breckenridge’s spirited nightlife scene comes to life, keeping the fun going the entire length of Main Street. Treat yourself to local craft brews, posh cocktails, and toe-tapping live music at one of Breck’s countless eclectic hangouts.

The Breckenridge WAVE: Light + Water + Sound Festival begins on May 31st for four days through June 3rd. The fun starts at 3 pm each day and continues until 11 pm each night, allowing you plenty of time to revel in this enchanting union of art and technology. Embrace your inner child and jump on a larger-than-life fully illuminated see-saw, catch live-music performances and escape into soothing, trance-like melodies, or find a peaceful spot along the river to kick back and take in the serene panoramic views. With countless activities and events for adults and children of all ages, this year’s WAVE: Light + Water + Sound Festival is shaping up to be an experience of a lifetime.