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Eldora Ski Resort opens with New Lift! Alpenglow High Speed 6-Pack

Alpenglow High Speed 6-Pack opens at Eldora Ski Resort in Nederland

Eldora Ski Resort is open and excited to announce the arrival of their first high speed lift, The Alpenglow. This is going to be a great enhancement for our skiing SkyRun Nederland guests who will spend less time sitting on lifts and more time on the slopes! It will accommodate up to six passengers per chair, replacing the two- and three-seater fixed Cannonball and Challenge chairlifts. The ride to the top, covering 3,289 feet and rising more than 1,000 vertical feet, will take a mere 4.5 minutes less than half the average run-time of 11 minutes for the old lifts.

Here’s the view from the new lift! Imagine you are sitting here!

Here are some other shots — hey, we’re proud of our local mountain!

Imagine yourself unloading here after spending the night in one of our Nederland vacation rentals. If you haven’t already planned this winter’s ski trip, check out our availability. . .and bring at least five friends so you take advantage of the new 6-Pack!