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Find Peace in Floating in Frisco, Colorado

Find your inner peace in a gravity-free/sensory-free environment!

I recently FLOATED and discovered a level of peace and tranquility I had never experienced before that was after I panicked, wondering how was I going to float for an hour doing anything and thrashed about wildly as I fought the feeling of floating without effort.

Arriving at the Studio
Let me set the stage. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who introduced me to my float experience.  The moment you walk into the VIVE Float Studio in Frisco, Colorado your senses are overwhelmed with peaceful scents and music. The receptionist gave me tour of the Studio which includes a tea room for relaxing after your float and a separate area with lockers and hair dryers to get ready after your float. Then she introduced me to the features of my personal Float Room which included an open shower, changing area and an enclosed little float pool. I was excited for my experience to begin and ready to relax!

Getting Comfortable
I entered my dimly lit personal float room, locked the door and undressed fully, because floating in your birthday suit is the desired attire (bathing suits are apparently quite contaminated (ewe, gross)). After showing to remove any makeup and lotions, I stepped into the 1-foot mineral pool which was lit with a calm colored light and music. I began to sit down and extended one leg which instantly floated like a raft living the other leg and my whole body was soon floating on top of the water without effort. The sensation to those unfamiliar with floating down the water is a very different one. I laid back and listened to the calm music and watched the lights reflect off the water on the ceiling then I panicked. How was I going to last an hour in here? I was fairly certain was my max time and began getting frustrated that the studio didn’t offer a shorter first-time session.  After calming down, finding my desired light color and music volume level I slowly let go of my concerns and truly tried to enjoy the experience. It worked.

Finding My Inner Peace
Over the course of the next hour, I fell asleep twice (which is odd for me because I’m not a back sleeper) and found solace in simply doing nothing and not being able to do anything about it. I was surprised when the white light turned on to indicate my session was over. I CAREFULLY stood up to exit the float area.  After rinsing off again in the shower, you feel all slimy from the minerals, I discovered I was overwhelmed with the uniqueness of my experience. I walked out of the VIVE Float Studio pleasantly surprised with the deep level of peace I was feeling and look forward to returning in the future. I encourage you to seek out the distinctive and intensely peaceful experience of floating at the Vive Float Studio in Frisco, Colorado.