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It’s Not the Destination, It’s Getting There

With travel restrictions easing, the time to vacation is on the horizon. Drive-to destinations followed by fly-to destinations will soon see more and more vacationers. While many consider fly-to destinations as a traditional vacation, now is a great time to also consider drive-to destinations.

Perhaps you live in Denver, Colorado, and plan to vacation with SkyRun Steamboat, located a few hours away in the Rocky Mountains. This is a drivable distance; therefore, it is considered a drive-to destination. Drive-to destinations grant the most control over personal actions, which allows for CDC and local regulation compliance.

If you are thinking about a fly-to destination, consider booking your flights now while prices are still low because airlines are preparing for the travel industry to start back up.

No matter the destination, please stay aware of how you get there. Remember to follow CDC regulations and the destinationÂ’s best practices, so you can let everything go as you arrive at your private vacation rental. Take in the long-awaited scenery and find peace of mind as you watch the wild grass dance in the cool breeze, or the waves perpetually crash upon the white sand, or listen to the sounds of the forest as you sit back and soak up the sun.