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The Meaning of Safety as Vacation Rental Hosts

What does safety mean in 2020? There are many new connotations to the word. Is it wearing a helmet while biking, locking up your vacation rental, or preventing the spread of a pandemic virus?

To us at SkyRun, the meaning of safety as vacation rental hosts is to provide our guests with an opportunity to enjoy time with friends or family. Meaning, we not only ensure our traditional safety methods are met, but also proactively take action to protect guests, including from an unknown virus.

Proactively Taking Action
During these uncertain times, we’ve committed to listening and doing our best to help stop the spread of coronavirus. When news first spread of a novel virus, SkyRun Headquarters mobilized a task force to monitor the unfolding pandemic and develop a business strategy. We held meetings between 28 SkyRun locations and shared our collective knowledge base, provided support, developed webpages and other marketing materials, and even halted operations in some of our locations.

Depending on the location, you can find updated cancellation policies to provide peace of mind and flexibility when booking a vacation. Our locations upheld vigorous cleaning standards, and some took it to the next level by implementing multiple vacancies between guest stays to decrease contamination. Blogs were written to inform best practices while traveling. The list goes on because we genuinely care about each other, the people we get to work with every day, our communities, and you.

Traditional Methods of Safety
Our in-house development team is continuously adopting innovations like our centralized guest communication system to ensure no message is left behind. From staff to maintenance technicians to housekeepers, our professional homecare team treats our homes with the utmost attention and respect, because your safety is our priority. Our forward-thinking amenities, combined with superior services and localized knowledge, provide the ultimate foundation for enjoying the time off you deserve while keeping yourself and others safe.

Whether your next step is to finish the booking process or to arrive at one of our private vacation rentals, we hope to alleviate some of the unified stress we’re all experiencing. As vacation rental hosts, we care about your happiness and health.

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