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Vacation Rental Property: Self Managed vs Professionally Managed

You have purchased your investment property and are eager to start making a profit on this valuable asset. Now the question is, do you hire someone else to manage the vacation rental or attempt to tackle the chore yourself? The most important things to consider when you make this decision include the following: marketing, pricing, customer service, and upkeep. 

1. Marketing:
Attracting the right guests to your property will help you to meet your specific goals for the home. When you work with SkyRun Vacation Rentals Property Management, we handle marketing your property on over 40 booking websites. An extensive amount of attention to detail is attributed to creating a listing that highlights the most appealing characteristics of your unique property. Details include the gorgeous interior features of your home to the nearby attractions and paint a picture for prospective guests so they can envision their vacation spent in your home. Professional photos and a 3D tour of the home are included in your contract with us, further rounding out the imagery provided to your future guests. 

2. Pricing:
Any small business knows that pricing is perhaps the most important piece of a well-rounded marketing plan for growth and revenue. We like to think of each property we manage as a tiny business within our small business. The old way of simply looking at neighboring homes to determine the nightly rate is enhanced when you work with SkyRun. We take a data-driven approach to pricing, consistently looking at the market as a whole to determine any changes that should be made to optimize your revenue potential. 

3. Customer Service:
After your property has been properly priced and put in front of the perfect guest, you receive your first booking! Now you have the task of making sure this guest’s stay is an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Every guest who books with SkyRun Vacation Rentals enjoys well-rounded communication through automatic notifications sent by our system, a complimentary welcome basket upon arrival, a complimentary activities package, and 24-hour customer service at the push of a button. We perform a quality-control inspection for every guest’s arrival to ensure that the property is in perfect condition the second our guests walk through the door. We strive to make sure every guest has a hassle-free stay and leaves happy, wanting to return to your property year after year. 

4. Property Upkeep:
Your first guest is now departing with a smile on their face after a great stay in your vacation rental. Now comes clean-up time. Gather linens, clean surfaces, vacuum, take the trash out, sweep the floors, and prepare for the next guest. SkyRun happily takes care of everything above and beyond to bring your property back to the pristine shape it once was following every guest’s departure. Our quality-control inspectors will perform any touch-ups on the cleans and will attend to any maintenance issues before the next guest arrives. 

Working with a professional property manager not only saves you time but also drives revenue with a data-based pricing strategy that is constantly adapting to the surrounding market. With a property manager, you don’t need to worry about turnover and figuring out the correct price for your unique home. We take care of all of that for you, plus more. SkyRun Vacation Rentals not only values our guest experience but our owner experience as well. We want to make owning an investment property an easy and rewarding experience for all of our homeowners. Still not sure if a management company is right for you? Call SkyRun today to speak with one of our locally sourced staff members to find out how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.