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Vaqueros Mexican Restaurant Review

We dined at Vaqueros the other week; we were four adults, one toddler, and one baby. We were seated right away even with an arrival time of about 6:15PM on a Sunday night. There were a fair number of people in the restaurant.  For a Sunday night right before the Christmas rush it was perfect for us.

First, the restaurant is kid friendly. Our toddler had a high chair and when the baby screamed toward the end of our meal we only got a few smiles… We definitely felt welcome here with kids which is always nice to know about a place. We started with an appetizer of the queso; I can never pass up on queso dip and it basically sat in front of our three year old and she decided when anyone else could get some. She was in heaven with that cheese dip. We also had a few margaritas and a beer (among the adults of course).We got a kids meal and then four entrees for the adults.

The food was great.  The waitstaff was really great!  We very much enjoyed ourselves at Vaqueros; we made an ample amount of noise that four adults and 2 children would generally make while sipping margaritas and laughing and talking. The bill was almost exactly $100 bucks.  With a 20% tip the total we left was $120, and we left Vaqueros very full, and in great spirits.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone with any sized party who could use some good ‘old Mexican food after a long day at the slopes.  Vaqueros did not not disappoint!