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5 Things To Consider When Picking A Professional Property Manager

Just make an exciting vacation home investment and are looking for the perfect property manager? Or maybe you currently have a vacation home and are not satisfied with its rental performance.

Either way, it’s your investment, and it should be treated at an exceptional level because as much as we’d like to manage our properties personally, life often does not allow for such a luxury.

We at SkyRun Vacation Rentals continuously keep your concerns in mind, and we put ourselves in your shoes to ensure your satisfaction. Among the many reasons to choose a property manager, we believe there are five essential attributes to keep in mind when choosing a property manager.

1.    Honesty
Some property management companies weave hidden fees into their contracts that may not be apparent until you are charged for them. We believe a bond built upon honesty and trust is the foundation to a successful relationship with a property manager. To show our transparency and honesty, we have no fees while charging reasonable costs and commissions that are on average 15-30% under most property managers.

All SkyRun locations operate in the same local community as your vacation home allowing for thorough property care by inspecting homes ourselves or by locals we’ve personally hired and stand by. We genuinely care about our properties and make any necessary provisions they may need.

2.    Knowledge & Experience
SkyRun Vacation Rentals has been in the industry since 2004, we survived the bust years and excelled the booming years, and, as a result, manages over 600 properties in 25 beautiful locations in 9 states, Mexico and Canada. Just see SkyRun’s VRM Intel published article or go to Our Story page to see how the company has grown. It’s imperative to partner with a property manager who has the knowledge and can prove it.

Our location owners have expertise in real estate, the hospitality industry, and customer service. We are watching trends to capitalize on opportunities and share best practices with each other. We’re not just folks operating in a business we aren’t passionate about because if you lose out, we too experience the same adverse outcomes. Make sure your property is in the hands of an experienced manager.

3.    Superb Customer Service
Nowadays, customer service is everywhere and truthfully; it should be. Many booking decisions are made upon company reviews and reputations that can swing one way or another in seconds. When guests are happy, they love to write about it in hope others will go through the same enjoyment and when they are unhappy, they have every right to express why. SkyRun takes pride in the customer service we deliver and articulates it in the form of property owner testimonials, superior guest ratings, and receiving allocates such as TripAdvisor’s Excellent rating.

Additionally, we see customer service as offering a vacation with a local touch leading to local fun. Local Touch Local Fun is our promise to our guests, and we are confident in our tagline because we grant free or discounted local activities and superior amenities with our SkyCard program or predetermined daily itineraries, so you too, can live like a local.

4.    Proactive Marketing
Digital marketing, advertising, and press releases go hand in hand with revenue, occupancy rates, credibility, and value. I cannot stress how essential it is to have a property manager who is making the most of marketing and advertising.

When you partner with SkyRun, you can expect to see your property marketed on major third-party booking channels like Airbnb or VRBO and other small niche sites, in addition to our own robust webiste. While surfing SkyRun’s website or its social media outlets, you may read a blog featuring your property. Or you may find articles written by news outlets like PR Newswire for acknowledgeable achievements, advertised on Google and Bing, or published in some of the most read magazines in the vacation rentals industry.

Proactive marketing could determine if a guest chooses your property or your neighbor’s property.

5.    The Technological Curve

The times and all that come with them are rapidly advancing, and when it comes to technology, you’re either on the bus or off the bus. Guests, and you as an owner, expect quick, accurate information, and systems they can access anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our company was started by an IT executive who is passionate about building, maintaining, and improving our systems to respond to customer demands. It is a daily effort.

Our SkyRun location in Estes Park, Colorado recently summed up why it is critical to have a property manager who keeps up with or is ahead of the technological curve:

Vacation rental technology is changing at a revolutionary rate. It is vital to your vacation rental investment to partner with a management company that is on the leading edge of this technology. SkyRun Vacation Rentals combines the strength of our multiple locations with the power of our state-of-the-art property management software to PARTNER with VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, Red Awning, Booking .com, Expedia, and the other major booking engines. SkyRun Estes Park Vacation Rentals offers:

The powerful advantage of a leading-edge company, SkyRun, to create partnerships with major booking channels High-tech software that provides a real-time integrated calendar with all major booking channels Professional website that maximizes the marketing of your home Long time and local vacation rental management experience SkyRun software known for superior revenue management. We assure properties are listed on major booking channels and listed at a competitive rate. Many property managers have a difficult time determining booking rates, but with SkyRun, your worries can come to an end when you begin to see the revenue roll in.

At the end of the day, if you’re going to do something, do it right. When it comes to choosing the right property manager, choose the one who cares about you and your vacation home investment. So, grab the bull by the horns and switch to SkyRun as your property manager.